Catch of the Year Already?

The time of school spirit, marching bands and college football is upon us. In my opinion college football is the most exciting sport season of all. Unlike the NFL these young men are driven to the field by their love and passion for the sport not money…we hope. Of course they are all playing to showcase their skills to potentially be playing for money one day, but during their college years it’s all about football.

The 2012 started out with some great games. I am a huge advocate of week one upsets and usually see quite a few of them. Though there were quite a few close calls, the only upset that comes to mind is my alma mater Texas State handing the Houston Cougars their first loss of the season with a 30 – 13 romp at Cougar Stadium. It’s a good start for a team who is taking on D1 caliber teams for the first time this season. This weekend the Bobcats will host my “pre-alma mater” the Texas Tech Red Raiders. This should prove to be a good game but in the end I don’t think the Bobcats will be able to contain the high scoring Tech offense.

One of my favorite games to watch every year is Auburn and Clemson, the tiger meeting. As always this game did not disappoint. The Tigers went back and forth for most of the game and on Auburn’s final drive the familiar words “Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier” ended the game as Clemson D-end Vic Beasley gets the final sack of the game. Like many of week ones games there was no upset here but it was close.

There were a few plays worthy of the almighty TicketCity Play of the Week. The Michigan State leap and interception nearly secured their spots until Ohio State and Miami of Ohio took the field. At the top of the second quarter OSU’s #15 Devin Smith set the bar extremely high for the 2012 catch of the year. After a hand off fake QB Braxton Miller settles in to the pocket and lets one rip to the corner of the end zone. With only one hand on the ball for the entirety of the catch Smith comes down with one of the best catches I have ever seen. The only catch that even comes close to the play of the week is USC’s Mike Williams one handed snag against Oregon State.