Cavs vs. Nets series becoming more physical and heated.

Cleveland trailed by four when Pavlovic drove the lane and got flattened with a two-handed shove by Moore, who got a flagrant foul and tongue lashing from James, who refused to specify the contents of his message.

“I didn’t think it was a fair play,” James said. “A guy is going up off one leg and he’s up in the air and he gets pushed. You can injure somebody like that. We’re not a dirty team at all. We don’t look for anything, but when things start to happen to us, we’ve got to react.”

The Cavs went on a 14-3 run after the altercation, giving them a two-point lead entering the fourth. Moore’s body blow also intensified Cleveland’s defensive pressure and the Nets shot only 3-of-16 in the final period with no field goals in the last seven minutes.

This best-of-seven series has quickly developed an undercurrent of hostility, a theme already present in the Phoenix-San Antonio and Utah-Golden State showdowns out West.

If theres a bench clearing brawl that ends in the entire roster from both teams being suspended (see: Amare, Diaw) then you’ll want to be there for the excitement. You already know where to get your tickets