Clipping Their Wings

Atlanta came out of the blocks against the Seattle Seahawks like they were shot out of a cannon. While their defense played an average brand of ‘bend but don’t break’ against Russell Wilson and the Seahawks, they were able to keep them off the scoreboard. They led at the half 20 -0 and then proceeded to play terribly in the second half, finding themselves losing with less than a minute to go in the game. Matt Ryan hit two big passes and the Falcons kicked a field goal to beat the Seahawks.

The Falcons can’t count on Matt Bryant to bail them out against the 49ers.

The Falcons can’t count on Matt Bryant to bail them out against the 49ers.

That was the good news. The bad news is that the 49ers come to town now and they might be the best team in the NFL. Atlanta was exposed by an athletic and mobile quarterback. For a Falcons team that plays a bunch of man to man defense, Colin Kaepernick is a recipe for disaster with his ability to run for big yards after the defense is extended.Even when the Falcons had the best record I have always thought they had holes that would be exploited by the better teams in the NFL. Again, while any of the four could end up winning the whole thing, the probably of the Atlanta Falcons winning are lower than the others. They do not have the defense to win a championship.

Chance of winning – 15%




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