How Good are General Admission Tickets to the College World Series?


One of the most common types of tickets at the College World Series are General Admission tickets. The benefits of buying GA CWS tickets, is that they are good for any game during the tournament. This makes it easy to follow your favorite team as they advance through the CWS bracket. But GA spots are only available for the first 5,000 fans who arrive at TD Ameritrade Park, meaning entry is not guaranteed. If you do decide to go the GA ticket route, here is a complete guide on what to expect, and how to get the most out of your experience at the CWS.

Where is the GA ticket entrance at TD Ameritrade Park?

GA Tickets

The entry for GA ticket holders at TD Ameritrade Park is in center field, just off of 10th Street. The GA entrance is marked with a small sign, and if you get there early enough, you will see a line forming outside.

How early should I get to TD Ameritrade Park to guarantee entry with GA Tickets?

CWS GA Ticket Line
GA ticket line 1 hour before the first pitch

I was a little unsure about what to expect in terms of a line, and actually getting into a CWS game with a GA Ticket. I arrived to a 7:00 pm elimination game just after 6:00 pm and found no line at the gate. I walked up, showed them my tickets, and was let right in. I would recommend fans trying to sit in the first couple rows show up 1.5 – 2 hours before the game. If you just want a spot in the stadium, showing up 45 minutes before the first pitch should give you no problems getting in.

Where can I sit with GA tickets at the CWS?

View from GA Seats  at the CWS
The view from right center

GA seats are reserved for the outfield bleachers in sections 125-134, which range from the left field pole, all the way to the right field pole. The bleachers have a back rest, but have no cushions, or cup holders. Simple, old school bleachers. The seats are not numbered, and you can pick any open area that you want to sit.

What are the best GA seats at the CWS?

Picking the best views from the GA seats is mostly preference. I chose seats in center field, and had a great view of the game. One thing to keep in mind, is the position of the sun. For evening games, the sun sets behind the first base line. Choosing a seat in left field for an evening CWS game, will mean looking into the sun for first few innings. The farther towards right field that you sit, the less of a nuisance it is. By about the 4th inning (8:15) the sun was comfortably behind the stadium.

Are the crowds in the GA seats family friendly?

At some events, GA seats can be a little rowdy for families with small children. That is not the case at the College World Series. The GA seats are full of families, with kids starting the wave, and beach balls flying overhead. It is a completely family friendly environment and welcoming to just about anyone.

Can you buy beer at the CWS?

There are no beer sales inside of TD Ameritrade during the College World Series. Outside the stadium, there are beer tents and vendors selling drinks, but once you enter, there are no adult beverages to be found. You are not allowed to leave and re-enter with GA tickets, so if you are looking for a beer, make sure you drink it before getting in line to enter the stadium.

General Tips

Up until about 15 minutes before the National Anthem, there were plenty of places to find seats, even for larger groups. By the time the singing ended, the GA bleachers were just about at capacity, with only small pockets available for one or two people. Once you have found a spot that you like, make sure that you keep someone occupying it for the whole game. If you leave your seats will likely be snatched up by someone else before you return. In my experience, fans were pretty friendly, asking if anyone occupied the seats before sitting down, but if there is no one there to answer for them, the seats will likely be picked up.

GA Open Seats
Open seats 30 minutes before the first pitch