Top 2019 Conference Basketball Tournaments

We are just a week ago from the start of college basketball’s postseason, which begins with conference tournaments. We ranked the top selling conference tournaments for the 2019 college basketball postseason. They are ranked in order of total customer orders. The three big stories stories that seems to be driving demand are:

  • Demand to see Zion Williams (Duke) and three (!) top five teams play in the ACC Tourney is producing significant sales for that event. Currently, 1 of every 3 orders we receive on conference tourneys is for the ACC Tournament. The Average Order Size (AOS) on the ACC Tournament is slightly behind a few other tourneys, but the AOS for fans buying All Session passes to the ACC Tourney is at $2400 per, which tops the rest.
  • The atmosphere at the SEC Tournament is going to be amazing with Kentucky and Tennessee (both currently top 10 teams) represented very well in Nashville. The short-drive for each fan base has driven the AOV to the highest among all 2019 conference tournaments at $1,300 per order. 50% of our orders are coming from residents of Tennessee.
  • Our sales for the West Coast Conference Tournament are exceeding our sales for the Big Ten, Big East and Pac 12 Tourneys. The WCC’s decision a decade ago to play in Las Vegas has been well received by their fans. Combine that with a strong group of teams, including current #1 Gonzaga, and you have “mid major” conference tourney with stronger demand for tickets than some of the “blue blood” conferences.

Top Selling 2019 Conference Tournaments

  1. ACC Tournament (Charlotte) [AOS: $757]
  2. SEC Tournament (Nashville) [AOS: $1,300]
  3. Big 12 Tournament (KC) [AOS: $882]
  4. West Coast Conference Tournament (Vegas) [AOS $852]
  5. Big Ten Tournament (Chicago) [AOS $753]
  6. Big East Tournament (NYC) [AOS $729]
  7. Pac 12 Tournament (Vegas) [AOS $290]

Tickets for all conference tournaments are still available. They are sold as individual sessions or you can purchase an All Session ticket to attend every game of that tournament. The teams that win their conference tourney will have their ticket punched to be part of the 2019 NCAA Tournament. TicketCity has been selling college basketball tickets since we were founded in 1990, so we offer seats for all postseason Division 1 games.