Ranking the Top College Football Games of 2019

Are these the top college football games of 2019? We put together a list of the top non-conference games of the upcoming season. The list includes all of the biggest non-conference games of the season, which are ordered by the current (as of July 29) price for tickets to that game.

College football fans love big games and these listed below are among the biggest in 2019. Fans who want to see one of the best games of the season can find tickets for these top games below for as little as $30 per seat right now.

Our Top 33 College Football Games of 2019

These are the top college football (non-conference) games of 2019 ranked in order of the (current) highest get-in price per ticket. The prices are from the TicketCity website (on July 29, 2019). Ticket prices on all of these games will surely continue to fluctuate a lot between now and the kickoff off for each game. Did we miss a big game? Let us know.

Rank – Price Per Ticket* – Opponents (Location)

  1. $674Georgia vs Notre Dame (Athens)
  2. $386Texas vs LSU (Austin)
  3. $360Colorado vs Nebraska (Boulder)
  4. $282Clemson vs Texas A&M (Clemson)
  5. $282Michigan vs Notre Dame (Ann Arbor)
  6. $243Notre Dame vs USC (South Bend)
  7. $231Florida vs Miami (Orlando**)
  8. $159Penn State vs Pitt (Happy Valley)
  9. $155South Carolina vs Clemson (Columbia)
  10. $147Georgia Tech vs Georgia (Atlanta)
  11. $119Florida vs Florida State (Gainesville)
  12. $109Oklahoma vs Houston (Norman)
  13. $108 Stanford vs Notre Dame (Palo Alto)
  14. $102UCLA vs Oklahoma (Los Angeles)
  15. $99BYU vs Utah (Provo)
  16. $90Wyoming vs Missouri (Laramie)
  17. $88Notre Dame vs Boston College (South Bend)
  18. $88Notre Dame vs Virginia Tech (South Bend)
  19. $76Michigan vs Army (Ann Arbor)
  20. $70Notre Dame vs Navy (South Bend)
  21. $68South Carolina vs North Carolina (Charlotte**)
  22. $65Kentucky vs Louisville (Lexington)
  23. $63Houston vs Washington State (Houston**)
  24. $61Florida State vs Boise State (Jacksonville**)
  25. $52Tennessee vs BYU (Knoxville)
  26. $48Auburn vs Oregon (Arlington**)
  27. $47Ole Miss vs Cal (Oxford)
  28. $42BYU vs USC (Provo)
  29. $42 UCF vs Stanford (Orlando)
  30. $38Alabama vs Duke (Atlanta**)
  31. $38Missouri vs West Virginia (Columbia)
  32. $32Stanford vs Northwestern (Palo Alto)
  33. $29Purdue vs TCU (West Lafayette)

*Price is lowest ticket price on July 29, 2019 at Noon CST. Prices are subject to change. The price listed is per ticket & includes fees (minus shipping).
**Indicates that this game is being played at neutral site.

BYU football stadium
The crowds will be big at the top games of the football season

The Top 5 Games

Not surprising to see the demand so high on these games, as these are some of the top brands in college football. Demand for Georgia vs Notre Dame started as soon as tickets were listed by season ticket holders and has been steadily climbing. The one top 5 game that is noteworthy is that Nebraska at Colorado game, which will be the biggest ticket in Boulder in years. Expect to see lots of Cornhusker red in Folsom Field that afternoon.

Huge Demand for Classic Rivalry Games

Rivalry games always generate strong demand for tickets, and those on this list are no exception. Colorado versus Nebraska is a rivalry that dates back to the Big Eight Conference. Michigan versus Notre Dame has a long history, but took a break, so this is the first-time they play in the Big House since 2013. BYU and Utah’s football rivalry has been given the nickname the Holy War since these teams have been playing since 1896.

The SEC Comes to Wyoming

War Memorial Stadium in Laramie, Wyoming is going to be rocking when the Missouri Tigers come calling on August 31st. The Cowboys play some great games in the Mountain West conference, but this is a major deal to have an SEC team visiting Laramie for a game. The demand for this game is already strong, $90 is currently the lowest priced ticket, but with just 427 tickets available for sale on the market that price could rise over the next month. War Memorial Stadium (capacity: 29,181) is one of the smallest stadiums to host a game this big.

South Bend is the Place to Be

Notre Dame always plays a stacked schedule and this year is no exception. In addition to their huge road games at Georgia and at Michigan, Notre Dame hosts games in South Bend against USC, Boston College, Virginia Tech and Navy.

Kickoff Games Feature Lots of Big Names

The kickoff games have loaded up the first weekends of the season with a handful of the best games in college football. Make your plans now, because 6 of our top games will be played at one of the kickoff classics. Those include the Advocare Kickoff, Belk Kickoff, Chick-fil-A Kickoff and more.

Great College Football Games at $60 or Less Per Ticket

There are 10 games on the list above that you can get into for $60 or less per ticket. Those are really good games that you can go see for a really good price. Do not miss your chance to see some great college football match-ups for a great price.

How did we generate this list? Our team used traffic/demand data to rank the top non-conference games. We cut that list to 33 games. Then we ordered those games based on the get in price for each game.