The 10 Best Mascots in College Football

Which schools have the best mascots in college football? The question on every college football fan’s mind as we get ready to start another season. We breakdown the top 10 mascots in college football, so you don’t have to. We used the story behind each mascot to decide. Below are my top mascots in college football:

10. Brutus Buckeye (Ohio State)

Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Created in 1965, Brutus was brought in when schools were generally choosing animals as their mascots. While a buck deer was suggested, it was rejected, and the state tree of Ohio was chosen instead. Brutus is one of the most recognizable characters in college football.

9. Mike the Tiger (LSU)

The fact that Mike doesn’t appear at games anymore and still makes the top 10 speaks to how cool it is to have a live tiger as a mascot. Up until 2016, Mike’s cage was placed next to the visiting locker room that way opponents had to pass his cage.

8. Big Al (Alabama)

The elephant became associated with Bama in 1930 when a sportswriter exaggeratingly wrote “the elephants are coming!” Big Al didn’t come to fruition until legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant used athletic department funds to foot the bill for the costume.

7. Puddles (Oregon)

What’s not to like about a Donald Duck doppelganger riding a motorcycle and doing pushups throughout a football game? Oh, and his name is Puddles giving him the cutest mascot name in the country vote as well. Props to you, Oregon!

6. Bevo (Texas)

One of the longest-running mascots in college football, Bevo first appeared in 1916 at halftime of the Thanksgiving Day game between the Longhorns and hated rival Texas A&M, which UT won. Also, check out how chill Baby Bevo was in his 2016 debut against Notre Dame. 

5. Ralphie the Buffalo (Colorado)

A live buffalo that runs on the field before each home game, Ralphie reaches up to 25 MPH. Female bison are used as the mascot because they are smaller and less aggressive. That doesn’t mean “Ralphie’s Handlers” – five varsity student-athletes that run with her on the field – aren’t necessary.

4. Albert and Alberta Gator (Florida)

Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

They are descendants of the dinosaurs and they’re a couple. Enough said.

3. Uga the Bulldog (Georgia)

A pure white English bulldog, Uga can be seen on gameday relaxing in his air-conditioned doghouse or in his custom jersey barking at opponents. Uga is the only college mascot that is buried within the confines of the school’s football stadium.

2. Reveille (Texas A&M)

The first Reveille was a dog rescued by Aggie cadets after being hit by a car. She is the highest-ranking member in the Corps of Cadets and is cared for by a mascot corporal. If they are in class and she barks then the class is dismissed. If she falls asleep in a cadet’s bed, they must sleep somewhere else because she outranks them.

1. Osceola and Renegade (Florida State)

The representation of historic Seminole leader Osceola and his Appaloosa horse, the school works closely with the Seminole Tribe of Florida for approvals on depiction and attire. The portrayer must maintain a 3.0 GPA and attend a two-year apprenticeship. They charge to midfield before kickoff at home games and Osceola plants a burning spear in the turf.

There you go, the top 10 mascots in college football and the backstory behind each. Now you are ready to start the college football season.

Did we miss any mascots? Do you disagree with our ratings?
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