Ranking the top bowl games of 2018-2019

Wrapping up the first week of bowl sales, we took a deep dive into our sales to find some of the early insights. We used our own sales data, so this does not include sales from the official bowl site. The sales data is from Saturday, December 1st to Noon on Friday, December 7th – so it’s entirely possible these numbers/stats/rankings continue to change in the weeks to come. Also keep in-mind that in breaking down bowl sales by state, we do not know which teams the customers from that state are supporting (we can only guess). Also every bowl game typically has strong home support; meaning there are typically plenty of local buyers who live in the same city or state where the bowl is being played.

The clear top bowl game right now is the Cotton Bowl. Demand for Cotton Bowl has outsold its CFP semifinal partner, the Orange Bowl, by a margin of almost 3 to 1. The other bowl games that are out kicking their coverage are the Alamo Bowl, Peach Bowl and Sugar Bowl. The Peach Bowl has sold more tickets than every other bowl outside the Cotton Bowl.

Top selling bowl games (sales 12/1 thru 12/7):

1. Cotton Bowl
2. Orange Bowl
3. Rose Bowl
4. Peach Bowl
5. Sugar Bowl

Bowl games with most orders (orders 12/1 thru 12/7):
1. Cotton Bowl
2. Peach Bowl
3. Citrus Bowl
4. Sugar Bowl
5. Alamo Bowl

Alamo Bowl
* The Alamo Bowl is the top-selling bowl game outside the New Year’s Six.
* More than half of the sales (51%) have come from residents of Iowa.
* Compared to only 4% of orders coming from Washington state.

Belk Bowl (The self proclaimed “Best Bowl”)
* Hotels in Charlotte have to be filling up, because this game has the largest % of buyers travelling to it from out-of-state.
* 40% of buyers live in South Carolina.
* Virginia buyers account for a solid 32% of orders.

Camping World Bowl
* We have had 25% more buyers from West Virginia than from New York state.

Cotton Bowl
* The bowl game with the strongest demand so far this season is the Cotton Bowl.
* The Cotton Bowl has the highest sales total and the most tickets sold.
* 70% of buyers have been from the state of Texas (many who identify as Notre Dame fans).

Gator Bowl
* 32% of orders for Gator Bowl are coming from the state of Texas.

Las Vegas Bowl
* Amazing nearly 2/3 of our customer orders for this game are coming from California.
* Most of the rest have been from Arizona, but Fresno State may be showing up big for this one.

Liberty Bowl
* 46% of sales for Liberty Bowl coming from the Show Me State (Missouri)

Music City Bowl
* 1 out of every 3 of our sales have come from Indiana.

Orange Bowl
* We have had 60% more sales from Alabama than Oklahoma.

Peach Bowl
* Really strong demand for the Peach Bowl so far, with more than half of the Peach Bowl orders are coming from in-state residents.

Sugar Bowl
* 70% of our Sugar Bowl orders are from residents of Texas, compared to 14% from state of Georgia.
* We are based in Austin, Texas – so we can are seeing the excitement first-hand.

Texas Bowl
* The hotel industry in Houston may not be as excited their counterparts in Charlotte, as 90% of sales for Texas Bowl are in-state customers.
* Baylor should have a big home field advantage.


We did not list every bowl game here, which is not to say those bowls do not have demand. Rather there was just no clear trend in the sales which we could identify. If you are still in the market to buy bowl tickets, then please visit our bowl game page.