College Football Championship Game Experience

The College Football Championship Game is the biggest college football game of them all, and is one of the top championship events to attend each year in the United States. The CFB title game is played at the end of the college football regular season, and completes the postseason bowl games. Teams are chosen to compete in this decisive bowl game via combined human voter polls and computer rankings. At the end of the regular season, team rankings are calculated and the best two football teams are chosen to be at the spotlight of college football for one important game. The winner of this game goes down in history as collegiate champions, and the glory lasts forever.

Each year, all NCAA FBS Division-I teams vie for the honor of playing in the national championship game. If you are lucky enough to attend the College Football Championship, you will understand the amount of blood, sweat and tears each program has shed to make it to this landmark. The atmosphere of the stadium is singing with triumph and pomp, resounding across the field as fans cheer their team to victory. The band strikes up a note for every big play and touchdowns are celebrated with colossal, audible approbation. There is no experience more invigorating than hearing the throngs erupt in jubilation when a touchdown is scored, or when the opposition is thwarted.

College football is arguably the most anticipated American collegiate sport. Each year, prior to the regular season, football fans participate in fantasy football leagues, predicting the teams to beat that year. Alumni buy season tickets years in advance, just to support their alma mater. College football fans swarm the stadium parking lot hours before the game to enjoy food and drinks with fellow fans in a pre-game tailgate. The College Football Championship Game is no exception. This game is home to the biggest tailgate of them all.

Schools including Michigan, Texas, Alabama and Nebraska are known for their historically strong football programs, and continue to prove their perennial clout. Viewers tune-in to televised college football on Thanksgiving Day to share the sport with their entire family over a meal. The College Football Championship Game is the culmination of all football traditions, rivalries, hype and hope. Get your tickets to the College Football Championship Game and experience the tremendous animal that is college football.