Cheapest Football Tickets in Texas This Weekend

It isn’t often that you can find college football tickets for cheaper than high school football tickets anywhere, let alone in Texas, but that’s the case for multiple games this weekend. For any fans looking to scratch their college football itch, here is a list of the cheapest football tickets in Texas this weekend.

UTEP at Rice – $3

rice football

Kansas State at TCU – $9

tcu football

Houston at SMU – $19

smu football

Oklahoma at Texas Tech – $36

tech football

West Virginia at Texas – $52

texas football

Oklahoma State at Baylor – $59

baylor football

For comparison’s sake, tickets to a Lake Travis High School football game in Austin will cost you $20. You can see two teams tied for the lead in the Big 12 currently in West Virginia at Texas for under $60. If you want to see a shootout, head to Lubbock where you can see a Top 10 team for less than $40. You can even see UTEP-Rice for less than going to Starbucks. Take advantage of these deals before game day!

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