The TicketCity Bowl Experience

Cory Morrow starts off the game at 10:50am with an amazing rendition of our National Anthem.  Three Air force Jets then wiz over the Cotton Bowl at more than 500 mph and the crowd of nearly 50,000 ROARS!  Three men then parachute into the Cotton Bowl with the TicketCity game ball in hand and deliver it to the referees. The ref calls me and my twin boys, Alec and Derek, and Clark’s son, Ryan, over to the huddle for the pre-game coin toss and all was quiet.

At the game with my son Derek (far right) and country music singer Cory Morrow (center).

I looked at the players and said “Gentleman, victory loves preparation and you all have prepared yourselves to be victorious today.  Will you play with the soul of a lion (and I looked at the Penn State players) and the heart of a cougar (and I looked at the Houston players) and leave everything you’ve got on the field today?”  Both teams’ players looked at me and said “YES SIR.”  I threw the silver dollar higher than any coin had ever been tossed.  The Houston player called heads, and after two seconds the coin finally came down and banged the helmet of a Penn State player. The coin flew onto the grass and landed on tails.  Penn State had won the toss and deferred until the second half.

It was a great game, with the University of Houston ultimately coming out on top.

With the game finally over, I am about to deliver this HUGE amazing TicketCity Bowl Eagle trophy to the victorious Houston Cougars and the players surround me.  I look at them and all is quiet. I said, “Gentleman, victory loves preparation and you all have definitely prepared yourselves to be victorious today.”  Case Keenum, who was in the huddle at the beginning of the game for the coin toss, looks at me and shouts out, “Heart of a cougar baby! Heart of a cougar!

I said “On three everyone give me a big WOO WOO!, 1,2, 3…” The team shouts “WOO WOO” and spontaneously starts jumping up and down around Tom Starr, the TicketCity Bowl President, and myself in celebration.   Wow! What a game.

Thanks to both Penn State and the University of Houston for the great game, and to all of the fans that came out to support these to great teams.

Me with part of the gang at this year's TicketCity Bowl.