Colorado Tickets

The Colorado Buffaloes are looking good this year. If spring ball is any indication, Joe Sanders is ready for a big senior season at tight end. He’s played as a linebacker for the previous 3 seasons with the Colorado Buffaloes, but only played 136 snaps total. Now that he’s back at the position he was originally recruited by Colorado to play, he says he feels much more comfortable and is looking forward to playing more his senior season. Fans that have owned Colorado football tickets for the last 3 seasons will appreciate seeing this talented young man on the offensive side of the ball, as well as on the field for field goals and special teams.

Colorado football tickets are going to make great birthday presents or Christmas presents, because they have a great schedule this year. The Colorado Buffaloes play Colorado State at home for their season opener on September 1st. Buffalo tickets to THAT game will be hard to come by, for sure. Then, they play Florida State, Miami-OH, Oklahoma, Kansas State at Kansas State, Missouri, and then closes out the season against Nebraska. So they begin with a big rivalry and end with an even bigger one. Now that’s a schedule you’ll want to make sure and buy Colorado tickets for.

If you own Colorado tickets for the 2007-2008 season and want to get Buffalo tickets to whatever bowl game the Colorado Buffaloes get invited to this year, make sure to call us. We’ll have availability for every major and minor bowl game in 2008.