Jeff Lynne’s ELO Live 2019 Tour

Jeff Lynne, the founder of the 1970 symphonic pop group ELO, returns to the US and Canada with a 2019 tour.  A classic 19 song set of Electric Light Orchestra’s greatest hits is visually stunning and performed flawlessly! 

6/20       Anaheim, CA

6/22       Sacramento, CA

6/24       San Jose, CA

6/26       Vancouver, BC

6/28       Tacoma, WA

6/29       Portland, OR

7/3         Nashville, TN

7/5         Atlanta, GA

7/7         Tampa, FL

7/9         Sunrise, FL

7/11       Washington, DC

7/13       Philadelphia, PA

7/16       Newark, NJ

7/18       Toronto, ON

7/20       Detroit, MI

7/23       Grand Rapids, MI

7/25       St. Paul, MN

7/27       Chicago, IL

7/30       Columbus, OH

8/1         Pittsburgh, PA

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