Countdown to the 2009 NCAA Final Four

The field for the 2009 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament is now official.  So now the countdown begins until the NCAA Final Four is played at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.  The Final Four starts on Saturday, April 4th and the NCAA Championship game is Monday, April 6th.

The 2009 Final Four will be unique in that they are going to use the entire stadium.  The Final 4 is always held in large “Dome” type stadiums, but in the past they have always cut it in half.  Meaning the court is placed on one side of the stadium and turned perpendicular to the football field beneath it.  They would then hang setup a lower-level of temporary bleachers and hang a big curtain behind it.  This setup typically allowed for somewhere between 35,000 and 45,000 spectators.  In Detroit there will be over 75,000 spectators because they are going to place the court on the 50 yard line running parallel with the field.  This will allow Ford Field to sell tickets for the entire lower-level and upper-level, as well as, some temporary seating setup on the field.

So the attendance at the 2009 Final Four will be the largest crowd ever at college basketball’s championship games.  Because of the size of the stadium this year (and the economy), prices have never been better.  So if you are interested in attending the 2009 NCAA Final Four, then visit our site today to buy tickets.  You can buy Final Four tickets here or call 1.800.880.8886.

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