Cowboys Opening Game Ticket Prices Show Optimism

The Dallas Cowboys hosted the Baltimore Ravens over the weekend in their second preseason game in preparation for the 2014 regular season.  Though the Cowboys ultimately lost to Baltimore 37-30, there were many positive signs for the club, including the return of Tony Romo to the gridiron.  Romo underwent back surgery last December, so Saturday night’s game was a big initial test to see how Romo’s body would respond to the rigors of NFL play.

Romo did have one turnover, botching a handoff that resulted in a 26 yard fumble return by Courtney Upshaw, but otherwise Romo looked much like his usual self.  He ended up going four for five for eighty yards, including a gorgeous thirty-one yard touchdown pass to Dez Bryant on his last play on the field.  Dez was targeted three times by Romo, catching all three passes for fifty-nine yards and looking in midseason form throughout the night.

Photo: AP

Photo: AP

Now that any worries about Romo’s back can be put to rest, Cowboys fans can look forward to the opening week of the season when they host the San Francisco 49ers.  Currently, the average ticket price for Cowboys tickets to the home opener is $254.90, one of the most expensive games of the season, let alone the first week.  Cowboys fans are undoubtedly excited for this year to begin, but have previous seasons had similar ticket prices for the home opener?  We broke down each home opener of the past three seasons to see just how much demand there is for this year’s opener.

2013: Week 1 vs. New York Giants

Last year’s home opener had an average ticket price of $169.04, $85 cheaper than this year’s opener.  The Cowboys won 36-31 in thrilling fashion, taking advantage of six Giants turnovers, including a fourth quarter interception return for touchdown by Brandon Carr to put the game away for good.  If the Cowboys can take down the 49ers in similar fashion, fans will be quite pleased with the money they’ve spent for the game.

2012: Week 3 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In a sloppy game, the Cowboys took down the Bucs 16-10 to win their 2012 home opener.  Dallas Cowboys tickets had an average ticket price of $121.40 for the game, the lowest of any home opener at the new AT&T Stadium.

2011: Week 3 vs. Washington Redskins

On a Monday night game, Dan Bailey kicked six field goals to take home the victory, winning 18-16.  The average ticket price was $138.80 and though fans did not see a Dallas touchdown, they were undoubtedly pleased with the final results.

In the past three years, the Dallas Cowboys have won their home opener in dramatic fashion, beating their opponents by an average of just over 4 points.  Of those three teams, none of them advanced to the playoffs during that season, so while the wins may have seemed impressive at the time, the Cowboys ultimately were beating a mediocre to below average team.  The 49ers boast a much more talented squad than any of the three previous opponents on the home opener, so the Cowboys will need to play flawless football if they look to start the year with a victory.