Cowboys Stadium is a fantastic experience

The Dallas Cowboys hosted their first football game this weekend, a preseason game against the Tennessee Titans. But this match up was not about the game, the big story was the new Cowboys Stadium. This was the first NFL game played in Jerry Jones’ new billion dollar stadium and the buzz about the stadium has been deafening. If this were the opening for a new Broadway show, then now you could say that it is getting rave reviews because people seem to love the new Cowboys Stadium.

Fox broadcaster Joe Buck said, “There is nothing like this stadium anywhere in this country, or maybe anywhere else for that matter.”  The Daily Oklahoman dubbed it the “Jones Mahal” and a writer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram proclaimed Jerry Jones as the “stadium king”. A few TicketCity employees who attended the game said that they cannot even describe how amazing it is; and these are people who have been in hundreds of the top stadiums on the planet.

So the reviews are in and they are all positive. Well, except for a little problem there having with the scoreboard. Here are some photos of Cowboys Stadium that we took on a visit to it in June 2009. Here is the Cowboys Stadium seating chart. You can see what an amazing venue it is; so when are you going to visit Cowboys Stadium?

The Dallas Cowboys have 9 more home games in 2009 at their new Cowboys Stadium, that is 8 regular-season NFL games plus another preseason game against the 49ers. Tickets for the opening game against the NY Giants are in high demand, lots of people want to be there for opening night to be a part of history. If you don’t want to shell out the money on the first game, there are other more affordable options later in the season. It does not matter what game you decide on, just make sure you take in a game at the new Cowboys Stadium. It is the kind of sports experience that you will remember forever.

2009 Dallas Cowboys Schedule:

  • Sept 20 – Cowboys vs New York Giants
  • Sept 28 – Cowboys vs Carolina Panthers
  • Oct 25 – Cowboys vs Atlanta Falcons
  • Nov 1 – Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks
  • Nov 22 – Cowboys vs Washington Redskins
  • Nov 26 – Cowboys vs Oakland Raiders
  • Dec 13 – Cowboys vs San Diego Chargers
  • Jan 3 – Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles
  • TBA – Dallas Cowboys 2009 playoff game

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