Cowboys Ticket Prices On Par With 2013

Brandon Carr wins the game for Dallas in Week 1 last season. (STAR-TELEGRAM)

The Cowboys season is only six weeks away and we’ve compared ticket prices between what we’re seeing this year and what Cowboys fans were paying in 2013. The team itself is mostly intact from last season, but the schedule has a lot of top tier teams coming to AT&T Stadium this time around. Dallas is known for being one of the pricier tickets in the country regardless of how good the Cowboys are, and Dallas has one of the biggest fan bases in the world even with only winning a single playoff game in the last 15 years.

Currently from all the tickets purchased for the 2014 thus far, the average ticket price has been $212. The average ticket price in 2013 was $216, so not much of a difference there. The way they got to those numbers is more interesting.

The opening home game of the season in 2013 was a Sunday night game against the Giants, which had an average ticket price of $169. That ended up being quite the game, with the Cowboys leading most of the game thanks to three INTs — the last of which was a Brandon Carr interception return for a TD to win the game late in the 4th. This year fans are paying an average of $259 (a 53% increase) to see the Cowboys face the 49ers in the season opener, and that one also promises to be a memorable game — Cowboys/Niners games usually are.

The big difference seen between the two season thus far is that there were more extreme highs and lows in 2013. This could change as the season goes on this year, but the cheapest average ticket price this season is Week 9 vs. the Cardinals at $175. Last year, the Week 3 game against the Rams came in at an average of $96. On the flip side, the most expensive game of 2013 (vs. Broncos) fetched an average price of $316, which this year’s most expensive game is the aforementioned game against San Francisco. The first three home games of the season this year will be the most expensive, with the Saints and Texans also making the trip to Arlington early on.

The ticket prices will rise and fall depending on what we see from the Cowboys and their opponents in 2014, the same way we saw prices skyrocket for the Week 17 game against the Eagles that crowned the NFC East champion. Prices doubled overnight, and fans got a good (albeit Romo-less) game. Buying early for those late season games might be a good practice if you have faith the Cowboys will be in the hunt, which they usually are.




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