Ticket City is about Creating Possibilities

I just returned from my annual Gathering of Titans conference in Boston. Every year I meet with 60 CEO’s at the MIT campus to discuss issues, opportunities and possibilities regarding our businesses. The conference has amazing speakers in different industries and we learn about ourselves, our companies and best practices.

This year taught me that as Ticket City continues to grow, we are always striving to give our client the best ticketing experience from start to finish. Ticket City wants to enable the possibility that every client has an amazing time at their event. We want to help create an experience for you (our client) that is perfect. We achieve this through our our energy, passion, experience and commitment.

Everyone here is constantly trying to improve the way we operate, so we can give our customer this expereince. We do this through our commitment to learning and listening to our clients. How we ANYTHING is how we do EVERYTHING. So we will make sure we keep doing things right for you.

So thank you for the past 17 years…I can’t wait to see what the next 17 bring.

My very best!

Randy Cohen
Chief Energizing Officer