Dallas Cowboys 2008 Schedule

The Dallas Cowboys started mailing out their season tickets for the 2008 NFL season this week, so it seems like the appropriate time to take a look at how Da Boys will do in the coming year.  In 2007 the Cowboys went 2-2 in the preseason; they won their first two at home and then lost yawners to the Houston Texans and Minnesota Vikings.  More important is that Dallas finished the 2007 regular season with a 13-3 record.  Dallas’ three regular season losses were to the New England Patriots (48-27), Philadelphia Eagles (10-6) and Washington Redskins (27-6); the Redskins loss came on the last day of the regular season when the Cowboys had already clinched home field advantage in the playoffs.

The Cowboys steamed into the 2007 NFL playoffs against a New York Giants team they had defeated twice during the regular season.  Hopes were high in Texas Stadium that Dallas would avenge the first game playoff loss from the previous season when they played the Seahawks in Seattle.  Those hopes were dashed by the upstart NY Giants, who beat the Cowboys 21-17.  The Giants went on to shock the world by defeating the previous undefeated New England Patriots in the Superbowl.

Based on their success in 2007 and the fact that they return almost all of their key players, the Dallas Cowboys come into the 2008 season with high hopes.  The Cowboys even added a few key components to ensure their last two playoff losses are a thing of the past; the two biggest names added by the Boys are Adam (don’t call me “Pacman”) Jones and Felix Jones (a backup RB to replace the departed Julius Jones).

Here is a quick breakdown of Dallas Cowboys 2008 schedule with a win/loss prediction for each game.  You can buy Dallas Cowboys tickets from TicketCity for all 2008 games, including super cheap deals on Cowboys preseason tickets.

Dallas Cowboys Preseason Games:
Aug 9 Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers at 9PM*
Aug 16 Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos at 8PM*
Aug 22 Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans at 7PM*
Aug 28 Dallas Cowboys vs Minnesota Vikings at 7PM*
* No predictions for preseason games because they don’t really matter.

Dallas Cowboys 2008 Regular Season Schedule:
Sept 7 Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns at 3:15PM – Cowboys win
Sept 15 Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles at 7:30PM – Cowboys win
Sept 21 Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers at 7:15PM – Packers win
Sept 28 Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins at 3:15PM – Cowboys win
Oct 5 Dallas Cowboys vs Cincinnati Bengals at 3:15PM – Cowboys win
Oct 12 Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals at 3:15PM – Cowboys win
Oct 19 Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis Rams at 12:00PM – Cowboys win
Oct 26 Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 12:00PM – Cowboys win
Nov 2 Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants at 3:15PM – Giants win
Nov 9 Bye Week
Nov 16 Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins at 7:15PM – Cowboys win
Nov 23 Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers at 12:00PM – Cowboys win
Nov 27 Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawksat 3:15PM – Seahawks win
Dec 7 Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers at 3:15PM – Cowboys win
Dec 14 Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants at 7:15PM – Cowboys win
Dec 20 Dallas Cowboys vs Baltimore Ravens at 7:15PM – Ravens win
Dec 28 Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles at 12:00PM – Cowboys win

A 12-4 regular season will earn the Cowboys a playoff berth, where they should win their first playoff game since 1995, when they beat the Steelers in Super Bowl XXX.  Yes, I think the Cowboys will lose a couple of home games, but that’s okay because their team goal should be to make the playoffs and win in the playoffs.  The NY Giants ran the table last year without home field advantage, so the Cowboys just need to win as many games as possible and stay injury free during the regular season.  Then they can turn it on the NFL playoffs and win games when it really matters.

How do you think the Dallas Cowboys will finish in 2008?

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