Dallas Cowboys & Green Bay Packers

This game is BIG and Packers Cowboys tickets are HOT! Afterall it’s an NFC matchup of two 10 and 1 teams that have a knack for playing and winning Super Bowls. This Packers Cowboys game might very well be a preview to the NFC Championship game. Romo and Favre have both been having amazing seasons.

Favre would love nothing more than to knock off the high powered Dallas Cowboys en route to another Super Bowl. Romo would love nothing more than to know he could play against a tough and determined Packer team, including his QB idol Favre, an come out victorous en route to his first Super Bowl. Maybe I’m getting too far ahead with all this Super Bowl talk, but in the NFC these teams are the ones to beat.

This game is going to be a quarterback shootout and a defensive struggle… man o man it’s gonna be one heck of a game. If you’re a Cowboys fan or a Packers fan who happens to be in the DFW area this Thursday.. get tickets and go to this game!! >> Packers at Cowboys Tickets

Those of us not fortunate enough to get to go to the game can watch it on the NFL Network (Dish Network)… so get tickets, go to a sports bar, visit a friend with Dish Network… but I strongly recommend going to the game 🙂

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