Dallas Cowboys Playoff Roadtrip (from Great to not good to Great)

What a total bummer! The day started off amazing we jumped in the Suburban with the 3.2 kids and girlfriend, picked up the local radio DJ’s and there wives from KLBJ Radio in austin Texas and started the road trip to Dallas Tx. We were on our way to the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants Division Championship Playoff game. We had a cooler full of sodas and food supplies and were 5 hours away from kick off. We were ready. The bus load of 9 of us were upbeat and energetic. We were singing broadway show tunes, telling ghost storries and living life large. We pulled up to the stadium and somehow managed to get VIP parking right next to Jerry Jones Mercedes. We were in the zone. I dropped off Ticketcity’s last few envelopes to clients and was ready for a cold beer. We had 14 total people so our group of 9 sat in the end zone with several of the N.Y. Giant faithful sprinkled around us. Ticketcity sell to everyone. The game started off with the Giants scoring. The cowboys made a comeback and the kids were very excited, it was Alec and Derek’s first playoff game and Kelsey enjoyed whatching the cheerleaders. The game was tied at half and everyone still felt good. Late in the game the Giants took the lead but the cowboys still had a chance to come back and win on the last play of the game. We had faith and were routing our boys on. Then the unthinkable, we lost, the season was over. We scurried out of the stadium with a few tears streaming down our eyes and made our way back to the Suburban. We were more stunned than angry. We quickly made our way out of the parking lot and started to work our way back to Austin. The packed car of 9 was silent, the kids weren’t even squabbling. Then after about 30 minutes of listening to the radio talk show fans blas Romo and Jessica system we started to realize what a great time we had on our road trip. We starting laughing and thinking of all the fun we had singing and telling stories. The discussions started to flow again and the trip back to Austin zipped by. When we arrived back at Amy’s ice cream at around 10:00pm we high fived and hugged each other and made plans to do it again next year. I realized great friends and family far outweigh wins and losses. We went from great to sad to great and I couldn’t be happier.

Randy Cohen
Chief Energizing Officer Ticketcity.com