Dallas Cowboys Pre-Season

As a Dallas Cowboys fan I was glad hear that Jerry Jones agreed to let the HBO cameras into the Cowboys training camp this year to film Hard Knocks. I saw the first episode last Wednesday and it really got me excited about the Cowboys chances this year. TO and Adam Jones (aka Pacman Jones) talked a little smack and went at each other. BTW, TO is looking as strong as ever (he’s easily a number 1 or 2 overall fantasy football receiver).

Patrick Crayton seems driven by a huge drop that he had against the Giants in last years playoff game. He was in the middle of some more training camp competition, one-uping Adam Jones who caught 6 continuous punts without setting any of the balls down.

That whole first Hard Knocks episode was great, with a lot more drama than I’ve got time to mention and I’m guessing the next several weeks will provide a lot more!

I watched the first quarter of the Chargers Cowboys preseason game. The first team offense looked almost perfect against what many are expecting to be the number 1 defense in the NFL. 8 plays and a touchdown later, that was all we got to see of the first team offense. On the flip side, the Cowboys defense was equally strong. Zach Thomas stood out as a great addition for running back smashing. The only thing that drove me crazy was special teams… ugh… not so good. Thank goodness it’s the preseason, because credit or not special teams can break or make a team.

I’ve never been to a pre-season game, but I gotta say I might just have to make a run to Irving Texas and get into the season a bit early this year, especially since Dallas Cowboys pre-season tickets are so cheap!