Dallas Cowboys QB Controversy 2007

Even though the Cowboys just acquired super bowl winning quarterback Brad Johnson, don’t expect much of a controversy. Not until the regular season that is!

Brad says “My thing is to just work hard in practice and have a great relationship with Tony and hopefully he’ll have the greatest year of his life this year and does great things.”

Last season Tony Romo left many Dallas Cowboys fans with a bitter taste after literally dropping the ball on a field goal attempt, that would’ve been the first playoff game win for the boys since ’96, during the last seconds of the NFC Wild Card game against Seattle back in January. However, Romo’s performance in the regular season had some high moments which ultimately earned him a spot at the Pro Bowl.

Brad says he doesn’t want to be a “mentor” and he appears to wish good things for Romo, but it sounds like Brad is preparing to be ready to take over if Romo can’t get things going early in the season. As for Romo, perhaps Brads presence will push the young quarterback to fight for the starting position each week of the regular season.

As a Cowboys fan, I don’t care who the quarterback is I just want the Boys to win! (Brett Favre isn’t looking for a job is he?)