Dallas Mavericks Fans Need to Show Up

The Mavericks are down 1-3 in a series that has Mavs fans, like myself, very frustrated. Still, we’ve got to show our support… we all know that the Golden State Warriors even as an 8th seed are the only team that seems to have an answer for the high powered Mavericks. I actually thought after the game 2 victory the Mavs would coast through the rest of the playoffs. I was wrong. If the Mavs were feeling as overconfidently as I was then they need to check that luggage at the door. If they lose 1 more game their out… and if when they make it past the Warriors they need to look at every game as the 1 game that ends their season.

How can Mavericks fans help… c’mon… you KNOW how. You’ve got to pack into that American Airlines Center and bring the noise. Show up fans!!

As of right now we’ve got 600+ tickets, as cheap as $55, to Game 5 in Dallas… that’s just not right!

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