De La Hoya is all business.

After Mayweather (37-0, 24 KOs) taunted and threatened De La Hoya — and hung a replica of the Golden Boy’s Olympic gold medal around a chicken’s neck — during their 11-city promotional tour, the fighters’ Las Vegas extravaganza was decidedly muted. Mayweather said only a few words on the dais, and De La Hoya (38-4, 30 KOs) was equally brief.

“I’m hungry, I know what it takes and I’m ready to go out there and die in the ring,” said Mayweather, who wore $1 million in diamond jewelry.

The only vintage trash-talking came from Roger Mayweather, Floyd’s uncle and trainer, who attacked the fighting credentials of Freddie Roach, De La Hoya’s respected trainer. Roach didn’t acknowledge Roger Mayweather’s jabs with a reply.

“Don’t miss this one. It might not be too long,” Roach said.

De La Hoya is all business when it comes to his upcoming fight. He’s nearing the end of his boxing career, and he’s recently started a company called Golden Boy Promotions that’s supposed to be revolutionizing the sport of boxing behind the scenes. Boxing promoters like Don King have had a kung-fu grip on boxers earnings through illegal and shady business dealings and contract negotiations. De La Hoya promises his new company will strive to be completely honest and up front with all of it’s clients – and he’s working hard to take boxing above the realm of just cable audiences and pay-per-view watchers.

“Ultimately, I am fighting not just to secure my legacy and because I enjoy a challenge,” De La Hoya says. “It so happens that I can use this as a vehicle to get the word out that Golden Boy is the company to make boxing respectable again. It works hand in hand.”