Dez Bryant Video Real? Or Scam?

The story that has hit NFL media outlets over the last few weeks has been about Dez Bryant and the existence of possible video evidence of him committing some kind of crime. Whether or not the video is real, or the story is a scam, is a bit irrelevant at this point. The real issue surrounding this story has to do with publicly defaming a person, team, or organization without providing any evidence.

It should be noted that reporters, investigators, and media outlets reporting on this story have been very careful to not use language that would place them in position to suffer from a liable suite. But the tactics that many have used achieve the same end, even if they haven’t committed defamation in the eyes of the law. Is posting a headline of “Dez Bryant Video may contain illegal activity,” really any different than accusing him of a specific crime or injustice? While it is entirely possible that Mr. Bryant did something that he should not be proud of, but as far as we know, it is just as possible that he has done absolutely nothing wrong. This supposed “video” could surface and include him holding a door open for someone, or even be of him telling a joke. What we should all be wary of is being scammed into discussing a person as a criminal, or as indecent, at the whim and rumor of a headline. Let us not fall victim to the fraud of posting an article discussing the possibility of evidence of a possible wrongdoing.

If evidence ever does appear, we can turn our attentions to that story then. Until that moment, if the conversation starts about Dez Bryant, it should be about the monster year that he just had for the Dallas Cowboys, and the likelihood of him returning to the boys next season. The only video we of Dez Bryan that we should be discussing is of the the catch that he made against Green Bay (yes it was a catch) and the horrendous call that cost fans what would have been one of the most exciting finishes in the NFL Playoffs.

*Stepping off the soapbox now.