Don’t Mess With Texas?

Baron Davis once again carried the Warriors to a Game 1 victory over the Mavericks, which closely resembled their season-long domination over Avery Johnson and Co. at home. Oh, and Carmelo Anthony also lead his Nuggets to a stunning Game 1 win over the Spurs. Is it just me or are the best of the West looking shaky? Suddenly the first round of the NBA playoffs just became much more interesting. Do San Antonio and (especially) Dallas have something to worry about now? In my most humble opinion, it’s looking like an early Y-E-S for all three of the West’s top teams. I naturally still believe that San Antonio and Dallas will rebound from their unexpected setbacks and advance, as we all expect. It’s just one game, as they say, yet here’s what I know for certain after the opening weekend of the NBA Playoffs that definitely didn’t follow any scripts: The Mavs are quite grateful that, unlike Pat Riley’s Heat in ’01, Baron’s upstarts still need three more wins to ruin their season. If you want to watch the drama unfold throughout the 2007 NBA Playoffs, feel free to call or email me directly for ticket availability and pricing.

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