Edge defeats Batista to Retain the World HeavyWeight Title:

Yes, I watch WWE pay-per-view events. Do you want to know why? Because I’m an informed representative of Ticketcity. And they’re entertaining, even if for comedic purposes only.

In this Judgement Day match, a cautious beginning sees Edge playing the cautious champion for the first 4 minutes until he gets an opportunity to target Batista’s injured hamstring. A missed charge to the corner by the challenger then adds an injured shoulder to Batista’s woes as Edge’s confidence grows. Edge goes for a resthold with an armlock, but a subsequent top-rope move doesn’t pay off as Batista hits a messy clothesline to kick-start some standard offense. Batista then counters a spear attempt with one of his own for a close 2 count, before hitting a powerslam & setting up for the Batista Bomb. Edge counters though, but Batista counters back with a spine-buster. Unfortunately for the Animal, his leg buckles & Edge capitalizes with a rollup victory at the 11 minute mark. Often awkward match that had its moments but didn’t really work as a whole. The lack of time given to the build-up definitely didn’t help & made the story that Edge was trying to play out a little puzzling.

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