Employee Ticket Collection Spotlight: Ashley Kubiszyn

This week for the blog’s Ticket Stub Awards post, I sat down with TicketCitizen Ashley Kubiszyn, our Operations Manager. I got the details about the ticket collection she keeps at her desk. See her answers and some pictures below!

TicketCitizen Ashley with some of her ticket collection.

TicketCitizen Ashley with some of her ticket collection.

Me: What’s one event you’d want to do again?

Ashley: TX-OU. I’ve been the last three years and even though we (the Longhorns) keep getting demolished I would still go back because it’s always such a great experience.

What makes your favorite event so memorable?

My favorite event has been a George Straight concert. We had great seats in row 5 and had a great time dancing and singing. Reba McEntire was there too and she brought out Melissa Peterman (who played Barbara Jean on the Reba Show) and turned the concert into a comedy hour.

Which was the most unique venue?

The Tropicana Field where the Tampa Bay Rays play. The stadium is completely enclosed and it’s an entirely different experience to watch baseball indoors. Everything down to the lighting feels different.

Which was your favorite event to travel to?

Definitely the NCAA Men’s Basketball Regionals in 2011. There’s so much excitement surrounding March Madness. We were lucky enough to see underdog team VCU (11th seed) beat Purdue (3rd seed). I’ve never seen a team shoot so many three pointers.

What was the most fun event?

The Zac Brown Band concert at the Dell Diamond. We brought blankets and got to sit in the grass. It was very casual. It was like being at a picnic with a great band.

All the tickets Ashley keeps in her desk.

All the tickets Ashley keeps in her desk.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Ticket Collection post. Be on the lookout for the next edition coming soon!





Melissa is a Marketing Intern at TicketCity and currently studying advertising at the University of Texas.