Employee Ticket Collection Spotlight: Chris Anderson

This week for the blog’s Ticket Stub Awards post, I sat down with TicketCitizen Chris Anderson, one of our purchasing associates. I interviewed him about his impressive ticket stub collection he keeps at his desk! Check out the questions and photos below:

Chris and his impressive ticket stub collection!

Chris and his impressive ticket stub collection!

Me: What’s one event you’d want to do again?

Chris: Definitely the World Series. I had a lot of fun.

What makes your favorite event so memorable?

I’m a big Texans fan. So finally watching the team win that you’ve been following since they were nobodies, provided a feeling of satisfaction.

Which was the most unique venue?

I went to this soccer stadium in Norway once. There weren’t any seats in the middle section and cars could just drive in. It was very bizarre.

Which was your favorite event to travel to?

TX-OU in Dallas. It’s such an amazing event with the state fair and the game and everything.

What was the most fun event?

The Houston Texans first playoff home game. I was crying and hugging and we had so much fun!

Chris' wide variety of ticket experiences.

Chris’ wide variety of ticket experiences.

Hope you enjoyed reading this week’s Ticket Collection post. Tune in later this month for more Ticket Stub awards! Also, happy early Independence Day!