English Premier League – Prepping for Week 24

Week 23 proved to be a boon for Chelsea and Manchester City, while Liverpool and Newcastle encountered trouble offensively.  Chelsea saw a solid offense, thanks to Salomon Kalou’s second-half double which kept the team’s title hopes alive.

Unfortunately, Liverpool wasn’t as successful.  Posting their 7th draw in their last ten games has put them in a bit of bind, giving Chelsea the go-ahead for the second spot in the standings.   Liverpool’s offense lacked in almost every regard again last week, allowing Wigan Athletic to score on a penalty Kick by Mido.  With Aston Villa trailing Liverpool by one point, and Manchester two points ahead, it is going to be an exciting race to see who makes the top spot.

Make sure to catch the Chelsea/Liverpool game at your favorite brewpub this Sunday, it’s gonna be a good one.  If you are in Austin, Texas, you can catch the game over at Bagpipes Pub at 183 and Burnet.  The game starts at 10:00 AM CST (live), so you will need to head over to Soccer Post to watch the first half (it’s in the same complex as Bagpipes), then you can flip over to Bagpipes when they open at 11 and ask them to change the channel to Setanta Sports or Fox Soccer Channel for the game.  There will be a delayed re-cast of the game on Setanta at 5:45 PM, so you better be prepared to watch it at home, because the Super Bowl is generally regarded as the more favorable program in the U.S.  You will get laughed at if you try to ask your local bartender to change the channel from the Super Bowl to Liverpool/Chelsea.  Hey, it’s the U.S.A., what can you do?

Stadium : Anfield
Time: 16:00 GMT

Here are the stats for both teams:

Chelsea Stats
Ranking 2 : Won 14 Draw 6 Defeat 3
Last 5 Matches

  • 26 Dec 08 Chelsea 2 – 0 West Bromwich
  • 28 Dec 08 Fulham 2 – 2 Chelsea
  • 11 Jan 09 Man Utd 3 – 0 Chelsea
  • 17 Jan 09 Chelsea 2 – 1 Stoke City
  • 28 Jan 09 Chelsea 2 – 0 Middlesbrough

Liverpool Stats
Ranking 3 : Won 13 Draws 9 Defeats 1
Last 5 Matches

  • 26 Dec 08 Liverpool 3 – 0 Bolton
  • 28 Dec 08 Newcastle Utd 1 – 5 Liverpool
  • 10 Jan 09 Stoke City 0 – 0 Liverpool
  • 19 Jan 09 Liverpool 1 – 1 Everton
  • 28 Jan 09 Wigan Athletic 1 – 1 Liverpool