Events Tips for La Zona Rosa, Austin TX

La Zona Rosa is the kind of club you go to hear great music and thrash around in the mosh pit. It isn’t anything fancy but it works. It is one of the favorite hangouts in Austin for loud, live music. La Zona Rosa is located at 612 W. 4th Street Austin Tx 78701 ; phone 512 263 4146. LZR doesn’t currently offer food. For something quick to eat before a show, head up to 6th to Torchy’s Tacos. These are some of the best tacos in Austin (and also some of the most expensive). I like the shredded pork and green chile. They have great Tshirts for sale. There is also a Thai restaurant on 6th right across from Torchy’s. Cameras are allowed at LZR. The general rule is “no professional rigs” meaning if you can add a flash or a lens you can’t bring the camera in. Smoking is not allowed at all inside La Zona Rosa. Don’t even try.

The bouncers seem to decent guys that aren’t on the normal power trips. They are just there trying to enforce the rules and keep everyone safe.

Bring earplugs to a show. The venue is small enough to be able to easily get to the stage. You’ll sacrifice your hearing for several days though for that front and center experience.

Cabs can be hard to find at LZR. Not a problem however as they can easily be caught if you walk east (left out of the club) on 5th or 6th.

No need to dress up for a show at this venue. Its very dark and can get pretty crowded. This is a perfect venue for your cowboy boots. Its Austin, everyone wears cowboy boots. Flip flops a definite pass at LZR. Capacity at the club is 1200 people. Wear boots and the 1199 other people wont be stepping on your pretty, painted toes.

The venue is an odd shape. The majority of club goers will be able to see the stage without a problem but anyone who gets to a sold out show late may not be able to see well as they will be standing outside on the covered patio. There is a small portion of the main area that is elevated. It is directly opposite the stage and in the back of the venue, right next to the bar.

Any one, any age can attend a show at LZR. There is a covered patio, a bar, and the main area in front of the stage.