Fan Friday: Ice Cream!

Here at TicketCity, we are HUGE sports fans. But we aren’t just one-dimensional, we are fans of lots of other things too! So we bring you Fan Friday, where we survey our team on random other things that we are fans of. This week: ICE CREAM!

ice cream


Matt L Breyer’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups because Reese’s are hands down the best dessert that exist.
Kelsea R Cookies and Cream from Blue Bell due to the unique combination it stimulates in regards to my olfactory and gustatory senses. There are hundreds of olfactory receptors each binding to a particular molecular feature. Odor molecules possess a variety of features and, thus, excite specific receptors more or less strongly. This is significantly more than those of taste receptors and thus the sweet aroma of chocolate splendidly compliments the aldehydes and ketones that are produced in the sweet cream base of the frozen treat. So basically, it tastes good.
Kerry S Chocolate because you can never ever go wrong with a classic.
Megan G Old fashion Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s all you need! Cold, simple and sweet!!
Ryan B Blue Bell Strawberry.  It’s the absolute perfect combination of strawberries and ice-cream.
Ryan H Mixing ice cream and alcohol is the only way to go. That’s the reason I really enjoy Jeni’s Whiskey & Pecan Ice Cream. It is a perfect combination of aged bourbon whiskey and pecan flavor.
Chris A Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream / because its awesome and seasonal, so I can only get it a couple of months a year.
Ian D Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked – Brownies and cookie dough? C’mon
Zach A Mexican Vanilla @ Amy’s Ice Cream.  Because it’s awesome.
Ashley K Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla – it’s the only legit vanilla ice cream around.


So now we want to know, what kind of ice cream are you a fan of?