Fantasy Drafts Come To The NHL All-Star Game

It’s amazing to me that out of the four major sports leagues in America, the NHL is the most inventive in terms of marketing and changing the game. They’ll change things up on a whim, like rules or this year’s All-Star game, which takes a page out of our past and current fascinations. Two as-yet-unnamed captains (we’ll let you guess who the obvious choices are) will choose from a roster of 40 players that were either voted in by fans or chosen by the league. While it’s easy to equate this to our nation’s fascination with fantasy-sports leagues, I’d like to equate it to our playground past, which with the popular Winter Classic played outdoors, might be how the NHL is trying to angle it, too. With the strong roster released yesterday, it seems like another, to use a somewhat improper phrase, slam dunk for the NHL in terms of its marketing.