Garth Brooks World Tour

Country superstar Garth Brooks is back!  Brooks has been slowly releasing more and more dates for his ‘Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood.’  Fans have been clamoring for Garth Brooks tickets each and every time he announces a new tour date and fans located near Chicago and Atlanta have been the lucky ones as he’s announced ten dates at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois (just outside of Chicago) and three tour dates in Atlanta at the Phillips Arena.

Garth Brooks (Photo: AP)

Garth Brooks (Photo: AP)

Right now, the average ticket price is $187 for his thirteen tour dates, the most expensive being the two opening nights in each city: September 4th at Allstate has an average ticket price of $228 and September 19th in Atlanta has an average ticket price of $304.  The September 13th show has the cheapest ticket available at only $30, twenty bucks cheaper than any other get-in price for the current thirteen date schedule.

As Brooks continues to release tour dates, it’s a good time to look at where his current released tour stands in comparison to other major concert acts.  Another country performer who has almost the exact same average ticket price for his ‘That’s My Kind of Night Tour’ is Luke Bryan.  The current average ticket price for Luke Bryan tickets is $180, just seven dollars shy of Garth.  That being said, Luke Bryan is only making one, at max two, stops in each city.  If Garth were to set up his tour in a similar way, stopping at a different city every day, chances are his tickets would have a much higher average price. People in each region would be competing for tickets to one show, rather than three (or ten!) thus increasing demand.

Jason Aldean’s ‘Burn It Down’ Tour is coming to a close at the end of October and he is another country performer with very similarly priced tickets, though Aldean’s come out just a tad pricier than Bryan or Brooks.  Right now, Jason Aldean tickets have an average ticket price of $195 over the next two and a half months of his tour.  Though Aldean has been subject to social media scorn over his private life of late, it is clear fans are willing to fork over a substantial amount of cash to see him perform live.

Aldean’s concert has an average ticket price just a dollar more than another major tour presently taking place here in the States…One Direction.  The ‘Where We Are’ World Tour is taking place in major stadiums across the globe and fans are paying a premium to see their favorite boys.  One Direction tickets have an average ticket price of $194.  It’s certainly not an apples to apples comparison aligning all these performers together, however, as Aldean, Bryan, and Brooks all are having their shows in venue holding less than 20,000 fans while One Direction is playing in front of three times the number of people.  Nonetheless, it’s clear all four tours have a significant amount of demand on the secondary market.




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