Get to Know TicketCity: Ashley

"Everything's Right" with Ashley

I’d like to introduce you to Ashley. Ashley is TicketCity’s Operations Manager, and also your go-to girl for the lowdown on the best of Black Friday deals. Armed only with Starbucks and a credit card, Ashley braved the dark and cold of night, completing her holiday shopping in record time. Whether you’re shopping, shipping, planning or organizing, if you need advice on how to get it done right, she’s your girl.

Without further ado may I introduce: Ashley.

What was your major in college?

Ashley: Government/Pre-Law

What was your first job?

Ashley: Mervyn’s at Lakeline Mall

What are three things you love?

Ashley: Autumn, boat docks, pedicures

What are three things you dislike?

Ashley: Folding clothes, traffic, feet

Do you have any quirks?

Ashley: I refuse to eat cereal out of a bowl, it belongs in a cup!

If you could be on any reality show, which would you choose?

Ashley: Any show that I get to sing (and humiliate myself) on!

What song would the theme music for a movie about your life?

Ashley: Everything’s Right by Matt Wertz

What’s your favorite thing about TicketCity?

Ashley: The people, I truly enjoy the people that I work with!