Giants vs Patriots Tickets

Yes this Saturday the Patriots are looking for a perfect season. It sounds like the Giants aren’t going to just hand it over, they’re going to make the Patriots fight for the honor to be the only 16-0 NFL team in history. This game means a lot to Patriots fans… and it should mean a lot to Giants fans too.

Afterall, if the Pats go undefeated you can count on this 16th game being the highlight of highlights for the next several decades as it is the last barrier between New England’s right to be called PERFECT. The Giants are getting healthy… Plaxico and Jacobs in particular… and do you think Strahan wants clips and snapshots of his disappointed face being forever put into the sports history books with a caption that reads something like “Never Had A Chance”??

Umm yeah so anyhow… there has been a lot of disappointing talk of Giants fans selling tickets to Patriots fans… not cool to sell out your team, but then again the Patriots fans are willing to pay top dollar… what fan on the verge of such a tremendous accomplishment wouldn’t?

This game is going to be something special, I’m neither a NY or NE fan, but if I was in the area I’d love to get some tickets to this showdown. If you’re in the area or one of the gung-ho fans of either of these tough teams then you can still get tickets >> Giants vs Patriots Tickets

If you can’t make it to this game, you’ve still got the NFL Playoffs 🙂 and who knows… perhaps the Super Bowl

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