Where to go for MLB Playoffs

And down the stretch they come! With less than two weeks left in August, the Major League Baseball playoff races are quickly heating up. There are tons of teams still alive and several newcomers looking to make it to the postseason. As the season begins to dwindle there will be some great match ups in the first round of the playoffs and some even better viewing to be had. If you’re looking for a great place to watch playoff baseball here’s where you should go.

Camden Yards – Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles have been an afterthought in the AL East to the Yankees and Red Sox for the last two decades. The only memorable moments their franchise has had in that time span have been associated with Cal Ripken Jr. This season looks like they’ll finally get to change that. As of writing, they sit 9 games up in the division and Baltimore couldn’t be happier. Camden Yards is nestled into the heart of Baltimore which gives it a classic feel. It’s not an oversized super stadium that’s used for multiple sports on the outskirts of a city in a giant sports complex. This is what a baseball stadium should look like and the patio in right field is one of the best places in the entire country to watch a baseball game. With the division lead right now their first round series will be rocking. They’ll have a few days to watch the Wild Card game play out which will just let the excitement around the team build. A great team, a raucous fan base and a beautiful stadium will make for one of the best atmospheres in sports when the first pitch in the American League Divisional series is thrown in Camden Yards.

Busch Stadium – St. Louis Cardinals

Busch Stadium (Michael Heiman/Getty Images)

Busch Stadium (Michael Heiman/Getty Images)

Is there any better place to watch a baseball game than in the St. Louis Cardinals’Busch Stadium? You’ve got the St. Louis skyline serving as the backdrop for the stadium with the St. Louis Arch rising up out of the distance. No park in the country is as connected with its city as Busch. The Cardinals are currently sitting in the first NL Wild Card spot and have a 2 1/2 game lead over second. This means they’ll be hosting the winner take all wild card play in game. The Cardinals have and a rough season so it’s hard for me seeing them overtaking division leading Milwaukee. With this being a winner take all game the Cards will definitely send ace and CY Young candidate Adam Wainwright to the mound. If you’re venturing to the ball park for this game you’ll get the electric atmosphere of a single elimination game with both teams pulling out all the stops to survive and advance. If you’re looking for the epitome of playoff baseball it will be found in St. Louis.

Kaufman Stadium – Kansas City Royals

While the Royals have a very nice stadium the reason to go see them will be because they will have made the playoffs in 28 years. With that kind of weight lifted off the shoulders of Royals fans, I expect them to have the time of their lives for the first game of the post season. They lead the high priced Detroit Tigers for the division by 1 1/2 games and if they can keep this hot streak going they’ll secure at least two home games. While the fans there will make for a great atmosphere the stadium is no slouch either. Kauffman stadium has a bowl shape design that puts the fans right up against the field. It was originally opened in 1973 but the Royals just finished a $250 million renovation in 2009 to bring the stadium into the modern era. Combined the fans with that stadium and the freewheeling brand of baseball the Royals are playing at the moment and you’ll have one of the best post season experiences of the year.