I spent my day yesterday flying home from Memphis (the almost 2 year home to UT alum Vince Young) and caught the beginning of the Patriots vs. Chargers and made it home just in time for the fourth quarter of the Giants at Green Bay. My bride to be was born in Brooklyn and her family still holds a connection to that part of the country having long since moved to Florida. They are primarily Jets fans but in the lean years have been supporters of the New York Giants. Over the Christmas holidays with her family in Florida we watched the Giants triumph and position themselves for an unlikely bid for the Super Bowl. Last night, to the disbelief of many and joy of my football loving fiance the Giants edged out the Packers in an overtime nail biter with a 46 yard field goal after missing their previous two field goal attempts. Now we will delight as the Giants once again take on the Patriots, which could be quite a game considering that their last meeting was anything be decisive. I wish I had the wherewithal to get Giants vs. Patriots tickets to that game, one everyone had written off prior to the teams taking the field. If the Super Bowl is anything like the last time these two teams saw each other we may all see the “greatest team in America” on the ropes to their unlikely opponent, the New York Giants, yet again. Maybe a great engagement present to my blushing bride would be some Super Bowl tickets to see the undefeated Pats toppled live and in person in Arizona. TicketCity has plenty of tickets to the Super Bowl, the match up is set, and I could only have been happier had it bee the Cowboys instead…but they proved themselves unworthy. Super Bowl tickets in my neck of the woods would have been more expensive had it been the ‘Boys, but it’s nice to have backup teams you can root for — especially when one of them ends up in the biggest football game of the year.