Going Bowling

I’m breaking up the bowl games and talking bowls every day through the BCS Championship game between Notre Dame and Alabama on January 7th.

First up…

New Mexico Bowl Nevada vs. Arizona – December 15th, 1 pm

The bowl games get started early this year and the first game is a game that will not be talked about much but I can’t wait to see. Nevada will take on Arizona in the New Mexico Bowl and more than anything, everyone should realize Arizona is on the come.

It does depend on which Arizona team shows up. They have been all over the place. They lost to Oregon 49 – 0 and to UCLA 66 – 10. They lost by three to Oregon State, in overtime to eventual Pac 12 champion Stanford by six and beat USC when they were # 9.

Next up…

MAACO Las Vegas Bowl Washington vs. No. 19 Boise State – December 22, 3:30 pm

Boise State does not have the team that they have had over the last couple of years. They are playing off their reputation and they should ask the University of Texas, Tennessee and Auburn how that worked out for them.

Washington is a program that I thought would be better in 2012 but they have been up and down as well. They beat # 8 Stanford and # 7 Oregon State but lost the season finale to their rival Washington State where a win would have been five in a row and had them ranked.

I’m picking this one now; Washington wins and heads into 2013 with a pretty good team.




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