Insider Guide: Attending The Masters Tournament

Clients often ask how we know so much about The Masters Golf Tournament. The answer is that TicketCity has been on-site at the tournament every year since the late 1990’s. Over the 20+ years we have been in Augusta, we have picked up a lot of local knowledge. Some of which, we share in Taylor’s post below. If you have questions, please leave a comment so we can respond.

What to do at The Masters?


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Ah, The Masters. Is there anything more exciting than seeing the best golfers in the world, play on the most beautiful course in the world? Combine the pristine environment with the amazingly priced concessions and you’ve got the makings of a bucket list event. As you prepare to attend this year, start with looking at some of the history TicketCity has put together here.

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend the last 5 Masters tournaments, working for a ticketing company definitely has its perks! It’s an incredible week of golf, without fail, and there is so much to see and do on the course – it can get overwhelming!

Never fear – I’ve gathered all of my favorite tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years to help you make the most out of your Master’s experience.


Masters Tournament Info:

  • Getting to the Course and Parking – Traffic can be daunting but once you get onto Washington Road in Augusta, it’s pretty smooth sailing. This town knows how to get people on and off the course quickly so follow posted street signs and warnings. Front parking lots towards the North Entrance of the course typically fill up first, but spots open up throughout the day.
    • I highly recommend parking on the southern edge of the free lots on Berckmans Road and going through the MUCH less crowded South Gate, this will get you on the course in less time.


  • Dress Code – the question I am asked most often, “What can I wear on the course?” Augusta National requests that patrons wear appropriate clothing and shoes at all times, golf shoes with metal spikes/cleats are strictly prohibited. You will typically see golf casual on the course, layered clothing is recommended because mornings tend to be on the chilly side. For men- a golf shirt/polo, khaki shorts/pants, and sneakers/loafers are the most common outfits. Women tend to be in golf skirts, sundresses, shorts and polo tops. The course is rather hilly and undulating so proper footwear is KEY for a pleasant experience.


  • Prohibited Items – As many people know, Augusta National strives to keep the Master’s tournament as pristine as possible, this means NO cell phones, laptops, tablets, or electronic devices capable of transmitting photo/video*. No bags/purses larger than 10”x10”x12”. No weapons of any kind. No radios, TV’s, noise or music producing devices. No folding armchairs or rigid type chairs. No flags, banners, signs, strollers, food, beverage, coolers, ladders, periscopes, selfie sticks OR golf shoes with metal spikes.
    • There is a caveat! Still photography cameras are allowed on the practice round days (Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday).
    • Pro tip – for those wanting a photo during the tournament round days, head over to the Founders Circle, where patron photos are available free of charge. A retrieval card is given at the time of the photo being taken and provides instructions on how to access the photo online.

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  • Chair Policy – One chair/seat will be allowed per person. Masters specific chairs can be purchased at any of the gift shops on the course for around $30. These chairs can be brought back on the course throughout the entire tournament, as well as the following years.


Masters Tournament Tips:

  • Hit the gift shops as early as possible because the best merchandise goes pretty quickly. The big, new merchandise building will always be the busiest but has the most to choose from. If you take my advice and go in through the South Entrance, there is a gift shop right inside the gates that are typically pretty easy to get around and has great items to choose from.


  • No time to stop for souvenirs? Grab a beer or two at a concession stand and collect the durable frosted plastic cups! My younger brother asks for me to bring him a few of these every year, I happily oblige as they’re the least expensive gift option!


  • I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the pimento cheese, egg salad, and chicken sandwiches on the course. The recipe for each is a closely guarded secret and you’ll never find anything better, especially at the old school pricing they stand firm to keeping concessions affordable.

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  • Par 3 contest – a personal favorite of mine, takes place Wednesday afternoon starting at 12 Noon on the Par 3 course. The best place to watch this fun event is over off of Ike’s Pond near holes 8 and 9 on the Par 3 course. You’ll see the golfers in a much more relaxed atmosphere here and can catch them skipping golf balls across the pond. Sometimes if the crowd is really into it, they’ll each try a few times to see who can get the ball to skip the most number of times!
    • Note, beer is not sold on the Par 3 premises but you can bring it into the area from different concession stands on the main course.


  • Chair Etiquette – Augusta National is the happiest place on earth, truly it’s like an Adult Disneyworld; it’s incredibly safe and conforms to the more genteel way of life synonymous with the deep south. If you purchase a Masters chair and decide to post up in one spot for a little while, decide you’d like to walk around for a while, but still come back to the same spot you were originally in; you’re in luck! If you pick a place to put your chair down, it’s safe to leave it unattended. Chairs left on the course 30 minutes after play has concluded for the day will be considered abandoned and picked up.


  • I prefer to select a group and follow them from hole to hole, it’s a great way to see the course in its entirety. If you instead prefer to see the entire field, I suggest heading to Amen Corner and sitting in the grandstands for a few hours. Be sure to bring sunscreen with you – this area of the course gets a lot of sun.


  • While in Augusta for the Masters, one local experience to try is eating at T-Bonz steakhouse. It’s a a good steakhouse but what makes it really special is that you can count on running into plenty of famous people who are in-town for the tournament. Our staff has countless stories about being at T-Bonz and meeting famous golfers, athletes, and other celebrities. A few years ago, Scott Van Pelt (ESPN) and Pete Rose joined our team during our appetizers.

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I hope you enjoy your time in Augusta, Georgia – it’s a magical experience and something you’ll remember for years to come!

Have you been to the Masters? Did I forget to mention something? Do you think the Chicken Sandwich at Augusta National is better than Chick-Fil-A? Leave your question or comment below.

If you would like to purchase Masters badges, check out our Masters packages page here.

(Please note: this was originally posted in 2017 and has been updated each year to reflect any changes at Augusta National for the Masters.)