US Open Golf Champions

The US Open is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the World today. The winners had to not only overcome a stacked field of golfers, but also to conquer the legendarily tough US Open course setups. Below is a full list of the US Open winners by year, including the golf course they won on and their winning score.

US Open Golf Tournament – Winners by Year

2018Brooks KoepkaShinnecock Hills Golf Club281 (+1)
2017Brooks KoepkaErin Hills Golf Course272 (-16)
2016Dustin JohnsonOakmont Country Club276 (-4)
2015Jordan SpiethChambers Bay275 (-5)
2014Martin KaymerPinehurst No. 2271 (-9)
2013Justin RoseMerion Golf Club, East Course281 (+1)
2012Web SimpsonOlympic Club, Lake Course281 (+1)
2011Rory McIlroyCongressional Country Club, Blue Course268 (−16)
2010Graeme McDowellPebble Beach Golf Links284 (E)
2009Lucas GloverBethpage State Park, Black Course276 (−4)
2008Tiger WoodsTorrey Pines Golf Course, South Course283 (-1)
2007Ángel CabreraOakmont Country Club285 (+5)
2006Geoff OgilvyWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course285 (+5)
2005Michael CampbellPinehurst Resort, Course No. 2280 (E)
2004Retief GoosenShinnecock Hills Golf Club276 (-4)
2003Jim FurykOlympia Fields Country Club, North Course272 (-8)
2002Tiger WoodsBethpage State Park, Black Course277 (-3)
2001Retief GoosenSouthern Hills Country Club276 (-4)
2000Tiger WoodsPebble Beach Golf Links272 (-12)
1999Payne StewartPinehurst Resort, Course No. 2279 (-1)
1998Lee JanzenOlympic Club, Lake Course280 (E)
1997Ernie ElsCongressional Country Club, Blue Course276 (-4)
1996Steve JonesOakland Hills Country Club, South Course278 (-2)
1995Corey PavinShinnecock Hills Golf Club280 (E)
1994Ernie ElsOakmont Country Club279 (-5)
1993Lee JanzenBaltusrol Golf Club, Lower Course272 (-8)
1992Tom KitePebble Beach Golf Links285 (-3)
1991Payne StewartHazeltine National Golf Club282 (-6)
1990Hale IrwinMedinah Country Club, Course No. 3280 (-8)
1989Curtis StrangeOak Hill Country Club, East Course278 (-2)
1988Curtis StrangeThe Country Club278 (-6)
1987Scott SimpsonOlympic Club, Lake Course277 (-3)
1986Raymond FloydShinnecock Hills Golf Club279 (-1)
1985Andy NorthOakland Hills Country Club, South Course279 (-1)
1984Fuzzy ZoellerWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course276 (-4)
1983Larry NelsonOakmont Country Club280 (-4)
1982Tom WatsonPebble Beach Golf Links282 (-6)
1981David GrahamMerion Golf Club, East Course273 (-7)
1980Jack NicklausBaltusrol Golf Club, Lower Course272 (-8)
1979Hale IrwinInverness Club284 (E)
1978Andy NorthCherry Hills Country Club285 (+1)
1977Hubert GreenSouthern Hills Country Club278 (-2)
1976Jerry PateAtlanta Athletic Club, Highlands Course277 (-3)
1975Lou GrahamMedinah Country Club, Course No. 3287 (+3)
1974Hale IrwinWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course287 (+7)
1973Johnny MillerOakmont Country Club279 (-5)
1972Jack NicklausPebble Beach Golf Links290 (+2)
1971Lee TrevinoMerion Golf Club, East Course280 (E)
1970Tony JacklinHazeltine National Golf Club281 (-7)
1969Orville MoodyChampions Golf Club, Cypress Creek Course281 (+1)
1968Lee TrevinoOak Hill Country Club, East Course275 (-5)
1967Jack NicklausBaltusrol Golf Club, Lower Course275 (-5)
1966Billy CasperOlympic Club, Lake Course278 (-2)
1965Gary PlayerBellerive Country Club282 (+2)
1964Ken VenturiCongressional Country Club, Blue Course278 (-2)
1963Julius BorosThe Country Club293 (+9)
1962Jack NicklausOakmont Country Club283 (-1)
1961Gene LittlerOakland Hills Country Club, South Course281 (+1)
1960Arnold PalmerCherry Hills Country Club280 (-4)
1959Billy CasperWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course282 (+2)
1958Tommy BoltSouthern Hills Country Club283 (+3)
1957Dick MayerInverness Club282 (+2)
1956Cary MiddlecoffOak Hill Country Club, East Course281 (+1)
1955Jack FleckOlympic Club, Lake Course287 (+7)
1954Ed FurgolBaltusrol Golf Club, Lower Course284 (+4)
1953Ben HoganOakmont Country Club283 (-5)
1952Julius BorosNorthwood Club281 (+1)
1951Ben HoganOakland Hills Country Club, South Course287 (+7)
1950Ben HoganMerion Golf Club, East Course287 (+7)
1949Cary MiddlecoffMedinah Country Club, Course No. 3286 (+2)
1948Ben HoganRiviera Country Club276 (-8)
1947Lew WorshamSt. Louis Country Club282 (-2)
1946Lloyd MangrumCanterbury Golf Club284 (-4)
1945Cancelled due to World War II
1944Cancelled due to World War II
1943Cancelled due to World War II
1942Cancelled due to World War II
1941Craig WoodColonial Country Club284 (E)
1940Lawson LittleCanterbury Golf Club287 (-1)
1939Byron NelsonPhiladelphia Country Club284 (-4)
1938Ralph GuldahlCherry Hills Country Club284 (E)
1937Ralph GuldahlOakland Hills Country Club, South Course281 (+1)
1936Tony ManeroBaltusrol Golf Club, Upper Course282 (-2)
1935Sam Parks, JrOakmont Country Club299 (+15)
1934Olin DutraMerion Golf Club, East Course293 (+9)
1933Johnny Goodman (Am)North Shore Country Club287 (-1)
1932Gene SarazenFresh Meadow Country Club286 (+2)
1931Billy BurkeInverness Club292 (+4)
1930Bobby Jones (Am)Interlachen Country Club287 (-1)
1929Bobby Jones (Am)Winged Foot Golf Club, West Course294
1928Johnny FarrellOlympia Fields Country Club294
1927Tommy ArmourOakmont Country Club301
1926Bobby Jones (Am)Scioto Country Club293
1925Willie MacfarlaneWorcester Country Club291
1924Cyril WalkerOakland Hills Country Club, South Course297
1923Bobby Jones (Am)Inwood Country Club296
1922Gene SarazenSkokie Country Club288
1921Jim BarnesColumbia Country Club289
1920Ted RayInverness Club295
1919Walter HagenBrae Burn Country Club, Main Course301
1918Cancelled due to World War I
1917Cancelled due to World War I
1916Chick Evans (Am)The Minikahda Club286
1915Jerome Travers (Am)Baltusrol Golf Club297
1914Walter HagenMidlothian Country Club290
1913Francis Ouimet (Am)The Country Club304
1912John McDermottCountry Club of Buffalo294
1911John McDermottChicago Golf Club307
1910Alex SmithPhiladelphia Cricket Club, St. Martin’s Course298
1909George SargentEnglewood Golf Club290
1908Fred McLeodMyopia Hunt Club322
1907Alec RossPhiladelphia Cricket Club, St. Martin’s Course302
1906Alex SmithOnwentsia Club295
1905Willie AndersonMyopia Hunt Club314
1904Willie AndersonGlen View Club303
1903Willie AndersonBaltusrol Golf Club307
1902Laurie AuchterlonieGarden City Golf Club307
1901Willie AndersonMyopia Hunt Club331
1900Harry VardonChicago Golf Club313
1899Willie SmithBaltimore Country Club, East Course315
1898Fred HerdMyopia Hunt Club328
1897Joe LloydChicago Golf Club162
1896James FoulisShinnecock Hills Golf Club152
1895Horace RawlinsNewport Country Club173