3 Tips for Going to the Masters


[Update: If you are looking for up-to-date info on attending The Masters, then check out our Insiders Guide to The Masters or Masters Packages guide.]

The 2015 Masters is just around the corner and the excitement in Augusta is already building. While the story lines are different for each edition of the Masters, one thing remains consistent every year, the Masters is an unbelievable experience. If you are going to the Masters for the first time, or want to know how to get the most out of your trip to Augusta National, we have a few tips for experiencing the Masters at its fullest.

1. Go to at least one practice round

Maybe more so than any other golf tournament in the world, the Masters is a week long experience. While there are some amazing golf tournaments and courses across North America, Augusta National is simply special. The course is immaculate, and the changes in elevation can only be truly appreciated in person. Going to a practice round will let you experience every inch of the course without worrying about missing any of the action. You can take time to see the fish in Ike’s Pond, stroll around Rae’s Creek, and go over every blade of grass in Amen Corner. Attending one of the practice rounds also gives you the unique opportunity to take pictures while on the course. During the 4 days of the tournament, no photography of any kind is allowed, so if you want any kind of pictures to remember or show friends and family, you will want to attend a practice round. You might also just get the opportunity to follow one of your favorite golfers as they prepare for the tournament.

2. Experience the hospitality

Getting a chance to experience one of the legendary hospitality houses on Augusta National is simply a must. One of the hardest things to explain about being on the course at Augusta National, is the feeling of inclusion. No matter who you are, no matter how many times you have been to the Masters, as soon as you step onto the course you feel like you are part of the club. This feeling is taken to another level at the hospitality houses and you are treated like borderline royalty. The amenities are great, the food, drinks, are amazing, but you also get the opportunity to meet, and talk to many of the other attendants of the tournament and share stories, favorite viewing spots, and Augusta National secrets.

3. Spend a few hours behind the 12th Tee

While attending a golf tournament, some fans like to follow their favorite golfer from shot to shot, others like to pick a spot and experience an entire day from the same place. Unless you are just completely devoted to a single golfer, we recommend spending at least a few hours at the bleachers behind the 12th tee. Like anything with the masters, you will need to plan to get there early to get a spot on the bleachers, but getting a spot will be one of the best decisions you make while at the tournament. You have views of the approach shots, the green on the 11th, and the tee shot on the 12th, and the 13th. There is a concession stand nearby and a bathroom. There is no better place to just pick a spot and enjoy hours of golf action.

If you have a favorite tip or memory from past Masters, share them in the comments below.