Great Dallas Mavericks Seats

On April 7th the Dallas Mavericks had their way with the Portland Trailblazers. Jason Terry had a great game, putting up 29 points and keeping the crowd hyped up. I went with a group that had seats in 2 different sections (110 & 102); they were both in the lower corners just opposite ends of the court from each other. The views were great from both sections (I promise 🙂 I just forgot to take a camera), but 110 is for the more rowdy crowd! Not because the fans are any less excited to be watching the Mavericks on their way to what I hope is their first NBA Championship, but because section 110 is just below the Dallas Mavericks Drumline… and those guys do a great job keeping the energy up.

The Mavericks regular season schedule is coming to a close with only 3 more home games including tonights game against the Clippers and next Sundays Spurs game. If you’re looking for hard to find Mavericks Playoff Tickets you can always count on For basketball fans, sadly March Madness is over, but now you’ve got the NBA Playoffs so get out and enjoy a game!