Heading to the Desert

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl — TCU vs. Michigan State, 12/29 8:15 PM

Who knows what Michigan State team will show up? The Spartans started the 2012 season in the Top 10 and proceeded to lose to every meaningful team on the schedule. They did get an overtime win over Wisconsin but this team is limping into the BWW Bowl.

TCU on the other had made chicken salad out of you know what. The Horned Frogs lost their starting running back and had their honors-candidate quarterback check into rehab during the season. They still played pretty well and even though their conference record (4 – 5) may not reflect it, TCU is a pretty solid football team that got better over the course of the year.

TCU is one dimensional and that will cause some struggles, but I still expect the defense to rule the day and help the Horned Frogs win the game.

Enjoy Scottsdale!


Hyundai Sun Bowl — USC vs. Georgia Tech, 12/31 1:00 PM

The Trojans started the year as the top ranked team in the land and ended the season cementing Manti Te’o as a Heisman candidate and out of the rankings. In between, there were issues with taking the air out of balls and an equipment manager being thrown under the bus and enough injuries to fill a mash unit.

Georgia Tech is not a good football team no matter how you look at it. They finished the season 6 – 6 and then lost the ACC Championship game (yes, they played in it at 6 – 6) and had to file a waiver to play in the bowl game with 7 loses.

I guess USC will win and if you are a USC alumnus ‘Fight On’ is always the goal but this game will prove that there is a difference between a good game and a close game. This game will be close but not good. In the end the USC offense will be way too much for the Yellow Jackets.




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