Houston Texans a contender?

I don’t know if my title is/was a valid statement or not, but since Houston Texans football is just around the corner, there are things that we should observe.

I think that Houston Texan tickets are going to be hot this year. We have a new coach, added some depth to the roster, and basically after last season, there is nowhere to go but UP.

First off, Houston has a new quarterback in Matt Schaub, and although Schaub is not considered the “David Hasslehoff” of coolness, he is at least better than David Carr.

Second, the Texans added veteran Ahman Green to the backfield, and although he only had three carries in the first preseason game, he is a reliable and proven back. He will put point on the board and will rush for at least 1000 yards this season.

Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak likes what he sees thus far in his new team. The main focus that the Texans need to concentrate on will be third down conversions . The addition of Kevin Walter to the receiving core will surely bring more score, which equals a great value for your Houston Texans tickets.

And yes, Mario Williams (who?) is still on the Texans roster, but all in all, Houston Texans tickets are more sought after this year than last year. It is not too late to get your final preseason tickets, or tickets to any of the Texans home games. Just pick up your phone and call 800-SOLD-OUT, and order yours today!