How does your Power 5 Conference compare?

How does your POWER 5 CONFERENCE match-up against the rest? 

Excitement is building across the country with only a few days before the 2016 College Football season kicks off on American soil. Does your conference’s ticket prices dominate the secondary market for the 2016 season?  The data used to compare the conferences derives from the median ticket prices of each individual team’s home and neutral site games on the secondary market. Each Power 5 Conference (ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 and SEC) was then averaged to find each individual team’s pricing as well as the conference as a whole.


Welcome to SEC country where King Saban rules and the ticket prices and game implications are a large margin above the others. The SEC boats the highest average ticket price by a huge margin compared to the rest of the Power 5’s.  Alabama comes in at the top of the conference, as well as the country, in average ticket prices for home and neutral site games at $190.78 per ticket. The Iron Bowl is currently the most expensive game to attend in the SEC this year with a median ticket price of $426.

The Big 10 has the second highest average ticket price, which can most likely be attributed to the long-standing history and importance of rivalry games within the conference. “The Game” or The Michigan, Ohio State game leads the conference with a highest median ticket price of $351. The brunt of the Big 10’s price impact is carried by Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin.

The Big 12 comes in third but the conference is top heavy when it comes to ticket prices.  Oklahoma’s median ticket price on the secondary market is $155.63 followed by Texas at $141.64. These two programs run the conference show with West Virginia, weighing in third at $77.31 as the closest competitor.  The big game to watch in the Big 12 is on September 17th when Ohio State comes to Oklahoma with the median ticket price currently at $385. This is the second highest individual game ticket price for the entire 2016 season.

The Pac 12 joins the conversation next, but despite a fourth place finish, the conference sustains an evenly spread showing. USC leads this conference at $118.88 while the lowest price is Arizona at $47.13. The cheapest ticket in the Pac12 is more expensive than the rest of the Power 5 conference’s cheapest ticket so while their Conference-wide Average is 4th, they are coming into the season with the most balanced ticket prices as a whole.

The ACC has the lowest average ticket price of the group at $59.73.  This could easily change as the season progresses with the opportunity for story lines to develop and the possibility of late season rivalry games to have playoff implications.  The game to keep an eye on in the ACC is an early season match-up with the Big 10 as Penn State comes to Pittsburgh to play at Heinz Field where the median ticket price is currently $245. This is the highest priced game for the ACC by quite a large margin.

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