How Obama Could Upset Tokyo’s Olympic Bid

There is already talk that our 44th President of the United States could swing IOC votes in favor of a Chicago Olympic games in 2016.

After enjoying a landslide victory in yesterday’s U.S. elections, the eyes of the world are focused on Obama – and consequently – on Chicago.  The nation and the world got its glimpse at the beauty of Chicago’s Grant Park on Tuesday night during the election rally, and the city is hoping to capitalize on the publicity to swing international attention their way.

Currently, there are four cities that are bidding to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.  Tokyo, Japan is one of the most prominent bidders, and Olympic Committee board members have already voiced concern over their chances to take the Olympic vote.

“Mr. Obama is popular and good at speeches, so things could get tough for Japan,” said Tomiaki Fukuda, a senior Japanese Olympic Committee board member.

Obama, an avid sports fan, proud Chicago resident and international global figure, could factor into the IOC vote for the 2016 Summer Olympics bid.  Obama is expected to attend the IOC session in Copenhagen, Germany next year.

Obama drew a crowd of 200,000 in Berlin in July.  This leads some to conclude that the Copenhagen vote could be swayed by his popularity.

“We saw the crowd he drew in Berlin, and he will remain in the glow of an historic election triumph when he asks for IOC votes,” said Allen Sanderson, a professor of sports economics at the University of Chicago.