How to get the best deal on concert tickets

Summer is a busy time for fans looking to see their favorite artist or performer in concert.  There will be dozens of top notch acts touring this Summer, and thousands of more concerts and shows that draw huge crowds.  So how do you get the best deal when buying concert tickets?

Chicago Tribune article about how to find a good deal on concert tickets stated that between 1996 and 2003 the average price for concert tickets increased by 11%.  The article also provided a few tips for how to find affordable concert tickets.  Here are a few more tips on how to find the best deal on concert tickets:

* Buy tickets at face value through the public on-sale
* Check to see if any tickets are going to be sold via a pre-sale prior to the main on-sale.
* Join the artist’s fan club to get access to discounts, or preferred seating.
* Keep checking with the venue box office even if they say the show is “sold out”, they often hold back tickets for the artist or their promoter that they release later on.
* Search Craigslist to find someone with extra tickets they are selling cheap.  Just be wary of ticket scams if you go this route.
* Contact TicketCity to find the concert tickets you need.  We are a reliable source for the best seats for your show and can save you a lot of time.




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