I Was One of Them

I have to give some love to the Aggies. They took their talents to the SEC and they are showing them in huge ways. There were some folks (I was one of them) that thought they would struggle out of the gate.

There were some folks (I was one of them) that thought a shaky defense, new head coach, new coordinators and a freshmen quarterback would get lost in the shuffle in the big bad SEC. There were some folks (I was one of them) that thought playing on the road in the meager stadiums of the Big 12 would not have a team prepared to play on the road in some of the best environments in the country in the SEC.

We were all wrong on so many levels.

They lost close games at home to Florida and LSU but played hard and fairly well in both contest. They were hardly a shock to Alabama as a good team. SEC football expert Tim Brando predicted the Aggies would win. I didn’t.

The Aggies beat #1 at their place.

The Aggies appear to have made the best decision for them and they are playing better in the SEC than many of their years in the Big 12. This won’t be a flash in the pan either with the fabulous redshirt freshmen Johnny Manziel running the show at quarterback.

The Aggies, in their first year in the SEC, could be better than they were in the Big 12, be in a major bowl, set themselves up to start 2013 ranked really high and have a Heisman Trophy finalist.

That’s one hell of a first year.




Sean is an expert radio and television guest and commentator covering the national perspective and the history of college football. Currently a columnist covering the University of Texas athletics for ESPN.com and HornsNation, Sean is also a contributor to Longhorn Network.